Welcome to Sinners2Saints

Sinners2Saints is a relatable lifestyle brand which aspires to inspire the best in all of us in spite of one's flaws. It was started in 2020 by Newman, who had the desire to explore the duality of the human nature, susceptible to flaws and has goodness embedded in it as well. With that in mind, he formed a team of individuals with similar desire to purposefully tailor every design with a purpose to share life's experiences artistically. Using clothing as the canvas, the designs are meant to lead to great conversations, share one's perspective, and inspire every human regardless of race, gender or religion to serve as a reminder to strive to the best you were created to be.

Handcrafted with Care

Our team of skilled artisans craft each garment from the highest quality
fabrics and eco-friendly inks. We provide mostly cut and sew exclusive products for both genders, at an affordable price. In addition, we make sure that every design and item does not only convey an inspiring and uplifting message to all, but also fits our highest standard of quality. 

The team is mainly based in Calgary, Canada and comprises of individuals from all walks of life who are not perfect, but strive to be better each and everyday. We hope you join us on this journey to inspire and remind each other that despite our flaws, we were made perfect and we should aspire to reach that in whatever endeavor we pursue.

We create from our experiences and aspirations in hopes that you can relate to inspire you on your life's journey

Meet the Team

Sinners2Saints is made possible by an epic team of creatives.

Newman Danso


Kelsey Kolesnik

Events Coordinator

Cassidy Mundy

Logistics & Planning

Justin Agyarko

Creative Content, Photography

Dee Osei

Aesthesis and Styling Consultant

Emmanuel Oteng

Graphic Designer

Alexis Kelly

Web Design & Marketing Coordinator

Michael Sarsito

Photo/Videography + Content

💝 Charity 💝

The S2S Team presented Donations to the Calgary Dream Centre and the Calgary Drop in Centre as part of our ‘5 Sold - 1 Donated’ initiative • This entails donating the proceeds from 1 out of 5 sales to charity. We thank you all for making this possible through your generous purchases to help inspire each other and also extend to the needy. 

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’ - Helen Keller


- Helen Keller #BlessingInGiving

Our Promise

Your 100% Satisfaction is our top priority. We work tirelessly to provide a
superior customer experience, from our homepage to your doorstep.